Sam Cubero - PhD (USQ), BE Hons Mech (UQ)




My Mission Statement

Service the University, local community, engineering profession and scientific community by learning, teaching and conducting research and development work for the design, control and manufacture of new motion control systems and devices relating to robotics, automation, machine vision, sensors and actuators.

Mechatronics is the field of engineering concerned with the design and electronic control of machines, automation systems and associated actuators and sensors.  Mechatronic engineers must carefully combine knowledge and skills from the fields of mechanical, electrical / electronic, software, sensor and control engineering in order to create effective and efficient solutions to complex problems in applications such as motion control, robotics, automation, computer control, machine vision, sensors and data measurement.  Any machine that moves or manipulates an object, and is controlled by an electronic circuit or computer controller, relies on mechatronic engineering design and control principles.

My mission is to use my experience and resources to 'push the envelope' of knowledge, perform cutting edge research, learn about and even develop many exciting new technologies and inventions, and assist younger generations of engineers and students to become successful engineers, researchers, inventors, problem solvers and innovators... among the best of their kind in the world. This requires developing the practical knowledge, self-learning ability and decision-making skills of students to a very high level.  I aim to acquire more equipment and grant money, and will contribute towards growing a large community of active and highly competent engineers, researchers and postgraduate students to produce impressive research outcomes that have the potential to make major positive impacts in people's lives, locally and worldwide.  In order to  remain at the "forefront" of technology, constant effort must be exerted to learn about and develop new and emerging technologies and demonstrate the usefulness of such technologies in existing or original real-world applications.

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