Sam Cubero - PhD (USQ), BE Hons Mech (UQ)



Mobile robots (wheeled vehicles & ROVs / Remote Operated Vehicles)

 This page is devoted to wheeled mobile robots.


Robocow  (built by Jason Stone, Supervisor: John Billingsley)



Cowbot 1:  Horse training mobile robot  (built by Maelle LaGarde & Arnaude Esteve, Supervisor: Sam Cubero)





CARbot:  Vision guided robot  (built by Matthew Goode & Jeffrey Layanto, Supervisor: Sam Cubero)




VIC:  "Vision-guided Intelligent Car" with Artificial Neural Network learning software  (Built by Donal Tjoe, Supervisor: Sam Cubero) ... Mobile robot car "learns" how to drive in left-hand lane by observing a human driver.





RARE:  Remote Area Robot Explorer  (built by Nishant D'Souza & KC Anyaegbu, Supervisor:  Sam Cubero)



Robotic box collecting competition  (designed by Sam Cubero)




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