Sam Cubero - PhD (USQ), BE Hons Mech (UQ)



 Walking machines & wall climbers

  This page showcases some of the walking and wall-climbing robots developed by Sam Cubero & John Billingsley.


  TURTLE project (2011-2012) 
  Download the latest 3D simulation video for this amphibious swimming and walking robot project, developed at PI  (approx. 30 MB)



 Robug 1  (built by Arthur Collie, programmed by John Billingsley)



 Robug 2  (built by Arthur Collie, programmed by John Billingsley)



 Robug 4  (designed by Portech Ltd, programmed by Graham McClatchley, Supervisor: John Billingsley)



 STIC Insect  (designed, built & programmed by Sam Cubero, Supervisor: John Billingsley)











  Images (c) Copyright 1998 - S. N. Cubero  (from PhD Dissertation: "Force, Compliance & Position Control for a Pneumatic Quadruped Robot")
 University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia.  -  This robot is currently on display at the Sydney "Powerhouse Museum", NSW.

 Simulation and control program for controlling 8 microcontrollers (2 for each leg)


  3D Workspace for each 3-degree-of-freedom robot leg  (generated using Mathematica TM)








 Hydra  (designed by John Billingsley)



 Toad  (built by Michael Rook, Designed by supervisor: John Billingsley)





 Hydrobug  (6-legged, 4-wheel-drive concept vehicle, designed by Sam Cubero)
 Animation by Gilles Sartre & Luca Dolique (France)





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